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Touring Kansas City Breweries

With plenty of rest and water, I was feeling decent, not great, but decent.  We decided to get some brunch at the Foundry and then tour several Kansas City breweries.  The O’Dell Friek was still on draft, so I had no option but to have another.  It still tasted delicious.

Then to Boulevard brewery.   We figured it would either be packed or dead.  It was mostly dead.  Apparently several days of festivities had taken its toll on the population of Kansas City.  Flights were had, the ginger radler was never found, and so we decided to keep trying. (side note: Boulevard has two electric car chargers and parking spaces.)

To a Spanish tapas place, where we blew the keg before a pint could be poured.  I mentioned my philosophy of not trying to find something, that it would happen more organically.  They agreed so we kept our train rolling onto KC Bier Co., a newer, German styled brewery.

When we arrived, I noticed the excellent beer garden, although there was zero shade.  The children’s area had a “mock bar” replete with faucet that served water.  We sat at the bar and got two flights.  The beers were excellent, very authentically German.  My favorites were the Helles and Pilsner.  I hadn’t had a liter on this trip, so after the flight, I forced myself to enjoy a liter of Helles.  Damn it was amazing.

Then to 75th Street Brewing, part of the KC Hops restaurant group.  The beers were completely underwhelming.  After so many skillfully crafted beers at Boulevard and KC Bier Company, I had no desire to imbibe a full pint.  My curiosity was satisfied and I was ready to move on.

We went back to Bier Station and enjoyed a couple of different beers and split some bottles.  I had been wanting to try some authentic KC BBQ, so we went to Gate’s BBQ.  Wow.  I had been warned that they would yell at me.  As soon as we walked in, I was greeted with a firm, “May I help you?”  Shit, I had just arrived and hadn’t read the menu or even figured out what the hell was going on.

I stepped out of line and into the shadows to better peruse the menu.  Ribs sounded good, so I ordered them and patiently waited and watched.  It’s a well oiled machine, as far as taking and delivering orders is concerned.  Cleanliness isn’t the highest I’ve seen, but the food was good.  The meat was a little dry, and it certainly didn’t fall off the bone.

I noticed one guy in the corner getting a lot of extra attention, so I spied on him, and determined it was Mr. Gates himself.  The desire to introduce myself was overwhelming but I had nothing to say.  “Mr. Gates, your BBQ is real nice but dry, so I guess I could add a bunch of sauce to it. And the lady at the cash register was stern with me.”  I left (but not before riding the saddled barrel) and hoped to have better BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s.

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