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Lexington for the Day

Yes. I get to see friends today.  All kinds.  I was super excited to go to Lexington and visit Country Boy and West Sixth.  The breakfast at the hotel was, well a hotel breakfast.  It was free and I was hungry (I’m officially always hungry).  After some controversy over who was actually picking me up, my good friend Michael came to the rescue.  Turns out an older guy with long hair was holding back the first group from leaving.  I guess he had to get his man mane in line.

Country Boy was great, as always.  They’ve grown so much since I was last there, not even three months ago. New fermentation, more barrels, a sexy office space.  We had a great afternoon of drinking amazing craft beer.  I had been in a craft beer, and alcohol in general, dead zone.  Eastern KY is mostly dry, not even moist, and certainly not damp.  Dry.  Bone dry.  I  had made the mistake of not purchasing some bourbon in VA before KY.  Big mistake.  So I was relieved to finally have some delicious, locally-made product.

After several pints, food was needed.  As we were leaving, one of the owners, and the man who kept me in DC, DH pulled up.  I didn’t realize at the time, but he had managed to slip out of the house leaving his wife and baby behind.  He had little time, and unfortunately the train to food town was leaving, so we ended up missing each other.  Sad face.

When we got back the lads from were there.  It was podcasting time.  I hoped that the dick jokes and fraternity humor would be kept to a minimum, and was pleasantly surprised how mature the boys acted.  We talked about the ride, the beers I had consumed and more.  Afterwards, we headed to West Sixth.

West Sixth has also kicked up a production.  The brewery looks great with all kinds of new stainless.  The guys continued to podcast; I continued to drink.  When we finally left town, another friend, Nasty, gave me a lift home.  We stopped at a decent BBQ place and then I got home.  Where I fell on the bed face first and was done.  Until the next day.

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