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Heading East to Start Heading West

In order to truly ride coast to coast, it’s necessary to start on one coast.  I’m unsatisfied with starting on a bay, which is bullshit.  It seems better to look across the wide Atlantic, dreaming of the great adventures far away in lands both unfamiliar and familiar (you’ve gotta love that the world’s round, so really I was looking at my destination and start point, but could only see one).  And because I’ve chosen to focus my tour on beer, why not start at Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth Beach DE.  Thus, my lovely mom offered to drive me to the start of this adventure.  Doubting my resolve to leave even if hung over, I was forced to wait patiently for her to pack and prepare herself.  It worked out; my dog and I got to spend more time together, which was cathartic.  Eight hours later we arrived at two beloved friends’ house in Richmond.  The next day we arrived in Rehoboth Beach after hours of rain and wind.  Apparently, flat states (Delaware supposedly being the flattest in the nation) can have really high wind speeds with little protection.  Topography! Screwing me from the beginning.

Upon arriving, I had an hour long session of packing and scheming how to carry all this gear.  My own negligence in the previous month was finally catching up.  Partying with friends, lounging in beautiful weather, enjoying delicious beers, walking my baby dog Oak, eating extravagantly, shotgunning Classique.  It all caught up to me in cosmic weather karma.  It was raining.  It is raining.  It will keep raining.  And the wind.  Jesus, it whips you around like nothing.  Thus, on the eve of what is/was going to be my first day, I am contemplating hanging around Rehoboth for another day.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is forecasted to be 100% chance of rain with storms, some severe, and wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. All day.  As an inexperienced touring cyclists (yeah, I’m an amateur in tour cycling, so what), but an experienced traveler/hiker, it may be necessary to wait this one out.  Tomorrow is a new day; weather forecasts and the assholes who make them are often wrong.
We will see.


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