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Berea to Beer Engine

Whenever I stay in hotels, I try to maximize my use.  I check in as early as possible and almost always ask for a late check out.  And I shower.  I shower several times each day and whenever it strikes me to shower again.  Today was no different.  I checked out late and headed to Danville to visit one of the few breweries in my home state I hadn’t seen: Beer Engine.

Beer Engine is a small brewery that is expanding and opening a new brewery in Louisville.  They have had an up hill struggle to get open in Louisville, but should be running by the time I get back, hopefully.  I planned to stay with an old friend, Annie, who works at the university in Danville, Centre.

The riding was wonderful.  Gone were the hollers and old mountains; found were the rolling hills of horse country.  As I was riding I passed the Marksbury Farm Market, a company the chef I worked with used regularly.  I almost passed it up and was glad I hadn’t.  I had a pulled pork wrap and a pint of strawberries.  I really have been missing my massive berry patch at my house so the strawberries helped satiate that longing.

I rode the gentle roller coaster to Danville in no time and arrived at Beer Engine as they opened.  A flight and a beer later and I was feeling refreshed.  A couple of regulars asked numerous questions and were in minor disbelieve I had ridden there, which is becoming a regular occurrence.

Annie met me there after she finished work and we headed a couple of blocks to her house.  She prepared me a wonderful dinner, we talked about the trip and life, and then later that night were joined by a random friend of her neighbors.

There isn’t a whole lot to do in this part of Kentucky, especially if you are a young person looking for work.  This kid had come over to hopefully taxi his friend around, for money, but the friend wasn’t there and hadn’t called him.  We talked for a bit during which time he brought up how he was really good at video games.  He had earned a bunch of Play Station Dollars (or some other gaming console monies) and was excited to spend them. It got a little strange for a while after that.

Shortly thereafter it was time for bed, for I once again hoped to have an early morning and ride fairly far.  I did wake early and did hit the rode fairly early (8am isn’t bad).   The weather was beautiful, so I planned to have a long day of over 80 miles to get to Howardstown.  There was a river there and I hoped to camp near it.


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