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Baltimore to DC – Direct and Dangerous

Baltimore to DC – the hard way

Most mornings Ive been trying to plan my daily route. I’ve been using a combo of google maps, Garmin base camp, google earth (which can be different from maps for some dumb ass reason), and locals. Google maps has been winning but there has been some difficulty in transferring them successfully to the Garmin unit. So I decided to enter the address and let the Garmin do it. As I’m an amateur and didn’t know what I was doing, the Garmin routed me the shortest distance, which also happened to be along the similar stressful roads as the previous day. But I made it super quick like. I was stressed, tired (once again if the cars move real fast I feel I have to as well), and ready to party. The previous day was Derby, the first I’ve missed in years. I didn’t even have a mint julep or a shot of bourbon, or a drop of bourbon. Still haven’t.

My host in DC was a friend’s son, Ben Capshew. Pretty sure his mom did given him a choice. He threw a kicking Derby party and was still feeling the after shocks, but man’ed up and took me out to a couple of awesome spots. First was a bar I’ve heard too much about to not get a nerdy hard-on: Churchkey. Located above Birch and barley, Churchkey is a destination beer bar. My favorite component of the bar are the three separate temperature regulated coolers. Three different temps to serve their beers. Thats awesome. And when you consider they are located above the bar, a winch must be used to get kegs up to the loft, and a ladder used to provide access, you get one super impressed Daniel.
The list was fairly well-curated, with heavy focus on Shelton Brothers Importer’s products. Which makes sense as a family member works there. I’ve been over consuming both Shelton and 12% products for the last four years, a purely first world problem. I love there portfolio, but have had a good component of it. And yet there were still some hidden gems that I wanted. We stayed for a couple of hours and enjoyed several amazing draft, bottles, and small plates.
Next we walked to Right Proper Brewing Co. Upon entering we were greeted by an amazing chalk mural full of squirrels with rock launchers and pandas with lazer eyes. Our bartender was super helpful and the draft list was impressive. Seriously, they had a Gotlandrika, which I had, which was amazing. After working our way through the list, we realized everyone else had left. Luckily we had made a couple of new friends, who ensured us it was OK to hang out for a bit. Then we started mixing – pardon – blending beers to create something new. By the end there were several glasses of varying blended beers. It was a great way to end my first night in DC.


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